IP Shopping


Under this section, a team from IPUniversity.com will visit your college and take photos of all the aspiring freshers who want to participate in this university-wide event.

The pics will be uploaded on IPUniversity.com, where polling will go on for one month to choose Mr and Miss Fresher of all major colleges.

Once Mr and Miss Fresher are selected from each of the participating colleges, the entries of the winners will go forward to participate in the Mr and Miss IP FRESHER 2004. Which will again go on for one month.

The winners of Mr and Miss IP FRESHER 2004 will be awarded cash prizes, media coverage and gift vouchers.


Our team will start visiting colleges from the 4th of October, 2004.

More coming soon...

If you want our team to come to your college, then just let us know through the feedback form on the right.